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Updates: Paintings and whatnots

seems like im always busy, always working on one thing or another. this week…i’m rushing to finish up the three custom paintings…two are getting there (the new mission marquee and la virgin) the third one is taking shape. Also working … Continue reading

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Nothing Personal

So…I was in the hideout, watching Make It Happen with Kristina and Louis came over to smoke a little. Anyways, after the movie was over we were on the ol’ blog here watching the Street Fighter video since I was … Continue reading

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Visual Randomness and Pac-Mac updates.

Random pics I took the last couple of days on my phone…which isn’t even working but I carry it around. Enjoy the randomness. I’ve been working and reworking and reworking that Pac-Man piece. It’s funny to see the evolution of … Continue reading

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New Canvas update

┬áSo I started painting on that new canvas I stretched the other day [see: New Canvas] and I was going through alot of pics…of course I could’ve done another DOOM piece, but I don’t want to play that out and … Continue reading

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