Skate This Art

So the big Skate This Art auction/raffle was last night and boy did lots of folks turn out. It took forever for me to get there since I was waiting on Free Rod. Then we had to stop off at Roxie’s to pick-up one of their famous sandwiches. Oh…and a lil’ something to drink. 😉

After that, it’s was off to the gallery. We found a cool lil’ parking space too, just down the cutty alley from the Gallery. [see: trash art] Anyways, lots of folks turned out. So much that it was like 30 degrees hotter inside of the gallery. I saw the Kelch Monster piece in a far corner. It looked good. Alot of pieces looked good. Every so often, OG cat named Lucky would prompt the gathered masses to throw their birds up. LOL. I tried to get a couple good shots of that. Dunno if you can see it or not.

Oh…so we finally found my other piece, That’s That. It was actually display in the front window. Pretty tight spot too. You could see it good if you were strollin’ up Market Street headin’ to Cole St. or something. Some folks showed up, some folks flaked. It was all good regardless. Had a blast and took some cool flicks. I still gotta get some from Skid too. That’s That.


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