Metal Face Easter Egg

Happy Easter fellow micronauts! Painted some eggs with my niece and here’s the fruit of our labor. Well, I knocked out two shellheads, she painted at least eight.

I made a little tiny DOOM mask for my egg from some plastic packaging…damn, I should’ve took pics of that. It would’ve been way more interesting than my play-by-play recall. LOL. 

Oh crap, and the eggs are still sitting out. Anyways, check out the pics of DOOMster Bunny Metal Face Easter Egg sans mask, mask on and a shoddy close-up of his grill. Also made a self-portrait egg. Oh, and Yant’s egg that she painted for me. Oh, it’s a guitar. 😛 

DOOMster Bunny

MF Easter Egg

DOOMster Bunny close-up

MF Easter Egg close-up

DOOMster Bunny sans mask

MF Easter Egg sans mask

Chris Micro egg

Self portrait

Yant's egg

Yant's egg


About Chris Micro

Art. Design. Media. Mayhem. #trashlife!
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