Honestly, SCRAP has to be one of my favorite stores in the world. I mean, SCRAP actually is an acronym for Scroungers Center for Reusable Art Parts. I’m usually stoked to rummage through the bric-a-brac section at the various Goodwills and St. Vincent type second had stores for canvases and other items that may inspire me to create something…well, SCRAP is basically heaven for people who love to dig thru shit like that. It’s actually down the street from my brother’s job…but I still don’t believe how long it finally took me to get around to going over there. I wish I had more room to store some of the great finds…well, at least in my mind, great finds until I get the time to work on them.

I had a great little conversation with the owner too. She was telling me all about how she went to art school in Paris and how she started SCRAP about 42 years ago, basically out of necessity. I told her how I couldn’t believe I had never been in the store until this year and how I just let the stuff in the store inspire me to create. She was stoked to hear that and started talking about how people come in with their lists and pfffft, you need to let it come to you. Oh and she told me to take pictures of all my work. To remember how you came up with them or for future inspiration or just to admire them when they’re long gone. Very nice lady. 

If you’re in the Bay, I’m sure you already know about it…if not…go and get lost somewhere out by Bayshore and you’ll be stoked too. Pics below are of SCRAP and my SCRAP booty for the day. -micro 

801 Toland Street
San Francisco, CA 94124
Entrance is on Newcomb Avenue between Toland & Selby


Scrap booty


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