Premier Baked Bean Brand commented on booooooom.com’s Sticker Your Face contest and suggested a swap shop sorta thing where artists would just end up swapping stuff they created with other artists. I wish i had some cooler, more artsy stuff to sway…but all I gots right now are some stickers from our Office Space CD as well as the buttons too. Maybe I’ll make some hand made stickers. Those are always fun to get from folks. Anyways, here’s the booty…




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Art. Design. Media. Mayhem. #trashlife!
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3 Responses to Swap?

  1. alteredlines says:

    I made a sticker for our printer at work with that very same still from office space. It says dear printer, watch your back!

  2. Chris Micro says:

    haha, tight. yeah, that was some promo stickers from our Office Space CD. along with the ‘pieces of flair’ in the pic above. hehe.

  3. alteredlines says:

    Sweeet! I’ve heard of ya’ll but never heard you…

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