Random Thrasher Magazine article 2.0

So random…but while I was looking on thrashermagazine.com earlier today for that Julian painting, I ran across this article from last year about the Van’s Downtown Showdown that we went down to in late ’07. Smyth wanted some heads to come down and hang out and heckle and drink 40s on the fake wave in order to recreate the atmosphere for their whole “Girl Gonz Wild” obstacle.

I still have tons of footy from that day…just haven’t had any time to throw together a little video. Anyways, it’s such a great pic…I just never knew it was on their site, or even in the mag. Hopefully Scotty’s got a copy somewhere in the back of the shop. The caption was great too…I added it below the pic. 

Vans Downtown Showdown

(L-R: Me, G-Man, Smythers, Arco and Puppet)

No Stoops - Vans Downtown Showdown

EMB locs show long-lost behavioral patterns: notice no outsiders are in this photo
Photo by Nick Scurich


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